03 Jun 2013 Monday

Exclusiv Vodka Impresses Beverage Underground

Beverage Underground sampled Exclusiv Vodka and here is some of what they had to say:
"We have discovered a gem of a vodka that shines bright both in the the glass and at the bottom line without sacrificing quality, image or smoothness. Exclusiv Vodka may just be the best new ‘total package’ product for both on and off premise retailers and their staffs. This clean vodka with deep Russian roots has been available in the US since 2006 in limited supply and as 2010 comes to and end, this soft and silky distillate from Moldova is emerging as one of the best leaked secrets of sprits industry professionals. Grassroots efforts, and ‘buzz’ from bartender and martini drinkers along with a product that delivers in every situation, Exclusiv Vodka is receiving more consumer curiosity and industry approval."

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03 Jun 2013 Monday

Exclusiv Vodka Scores Higher Than Purity Vodka in Recent BTI Tastings

“With our Russian roots, it was always our intention to show that price does not make the vodka. In Russia we do not drink expensive vodkas; we drink quality vodkas.” – Serge Chistov, importer of Exclusiv Vodka

exclusiv vodkaThe Beverage Tasting Institute recently awarded an extraordinary 91-points to Exclusiv Vodka. The brand was also praised and given a gold medal at the International Review of Spirits. Plus, at around $10 a bottle, vodka fans can add another reason to love Exclusiv Vodka.
Another wallet-friendly vodka on the market is Iceberg Vodka. While this label is priced only about 5 dollars more than Exclusiv Vodka, it was given a lower rating of 87-points by the Beverage Tasting Institute. Iceberg Vodka also received a silver medal at the Internal Review of Spirits while Exclusiv Vodka earned a gold.

When it comes to vodka, don’t pay more for less!
It’s no surprise that Exclusive Vodka is a “2011 Best Value Vodka $10 and Under” winner. Only quality ingredients are blended together with the precision and patience that gives it such a popular, smooth taste. Exclusiv Vodka stands out from the crowd and gives meaning to the old phrase “get the most bang for your buck.”
Make the right choice with Exclusiv Vodka during your next purchase. Iceberg Vodka is a few dollars more and offers a lower rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute. It’s clear to see why Exclusiv Vodka is the drink of choice with a price tag to match.
Buy a bottle of Exclusiv Vodka today and discover the impeccable, inexpensive taste for yourself!
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