03 Jun 2013 Monday

See How We Compare to Purity Vodka

exclusiv vodkaContrary to popular belief, money doesn’t have to be a factor in buying the finer things in life. Exclusiv Vodka is a prime example of enjoying a high quality product for a fraction of the price of other name brands on the market. At around $10 a litre, Exclusiv Vodka is a top choice for vodka lovers. The Beverage Tasting Institute recently awarded Exclusiv Vodka with an impressive 91-point rating. Exclusiv Vodka was also awarded as the “2011 Best Value Vodka $10 and Under” winner. It is no doubt this highly coveted vodka is a stand out from the competition at just $10 a bottle. Make the smart decision with Exclusiv Vodka.

How Exclusiv Vodka Stacks Up to Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka is priced at a whopping $40 a bottle and was rated 89-points by the Beverage Tasting Institute, compared to our 91 points. Enjoy the fine, smooth taste of the vodka with a higher rating and a lower price point by choosing Exclusiv Vodka. Our top vodka brand was awarded with a gold medal at the International Review of Spirits while Purity Vodka was awarded with a silver medal. To make Exclusiv, we use quality ingredients blended together with the precision and patience that gives Exclusiv Vodka its popular taste. Buy a bottle of Exclusiv Vodka today and discover the impeccable, inexpensive taste for yourself! Visit to learn more about our premier vodka brand!