03 Jun 2013 Monday

Exclusiv Dirty Martini – Pickle Brine and Vodka.

Pickle brine has that vinegary, garlicky, salty taste that is just so fabulous. Most people do not throw pickle brine away, they just pour it into a shot glass and enjoy it. And why not? Why throw away something which is perfectly fine?
Pickle brine has an almost addictive flavor. Russians have used pickle brine with their vodka to create some heady mixes, for many generations. Bartenders in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other cities use pickle brine to wash down a shot of bourbon or whiskey. Just a splash of olive brine in your Martini will give it that zing.
Exclusiv now pairs the Exclusiv Vodka with pickle brine. And we call this tasty mix an Exclusive Dirty Martini.
Rumor has it that pickle brine and vodka became popular when a patron asked for a shot of pickle brine to chase her vodka, at a Country Club. The bartender started selling many of this after this initial order and the drink became a big hit.
But in Russia, pickle brine has always been used with vodka and also extensively used in cooking.
Now we are bringing this to you as Exclusive Dirty Martini.