03 Jun 2013 Monday

Exclusiv Vodka is Editors Choice at Urban Magazine

The kind people at Urban Magazine know good vodka. How do we know this?
Because after recently indulging in some Exclusiv Vodka, Urban Magazine had a few choice words to say about our beloved friend.
"Vodka rarely get better than this. It truly lives up to its reputation"
"Very smooth, tasty, and appealing”. Read the full review.

Have you tried Exclusiv Vodka yet? Since 2003, Exclusiv has received nine coveted International awards and proved its ranking among the most famous names in vodka. Most recently, Exclusiv was rated 90 points and received a gold medal in the International Review of Spirits Award from Tastings.com, the website of the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Try it for yourself. Get more information on where to buy Exclusiv Vodka.