03 Jun 2013 Monday

Exclusiv Vodka Martinis Available at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse NYC

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in NYC now offers a menu of martini drinks made with Exclusiv Vodka.

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse offers a variety of classic and creative Vodka martini drinks including the Empire (classic martini with a twist or olive) and The Silver Meteor Cosmo (citrus vodka, orange Curacao, cranberry, fresh lime).
Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C. is located in Grand Central Terminal on the North and West balconies, paying homage to the lost culture of the railroad with a design and layout reminiscent of the dining car. Guests can enjoy an Exclusiv Vodka martini and take in the views from above as travelers bustle in the terminal below.

Exclusiv Vodka is one of the fastest growing vodka brands on the market today. From the country of Moldova, the Vodka is proudly produced using the best quality winter wheat and finest distilling processes. The unique selling point about Exclusiv Vodka is its price point. Unlike many other high-end vodka brands in the US, Exclusiv does not mark up its price for branding, advertising or packaging. The cost of a liter of Vodka is only about $13.00. An impressive price point for a vodka of its caliber.

Exclusiv Vodka is available at many other fine hotels, restaurants and retailers throughout the country, with an impressive concentration of availability in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.