03 Jun 2013 Monday

Thank You To All Our Friends

In the last two months, Exclusiv Vodka has experienced our highest sales to date. We have exceeded all of our previous sales growths and have set a new record for ourselves. This would not have been possible without all of our friends and fans that love Exclusiv Vodka.

Our distribution within liquor stores is growing fast! This means that as consumers you are starting to understand that the price of a bottle of vodka has nothing to do with it’s quality.
Vodka is not meant to be expensive, it does not need to be aged or created in specific temperatures or pressures. It can be distilled and drank in one day. Yes, ONE day! The true ‘taste’ of vodka depends on where the water and raw materials came from. It has nothing to do with a fancy label or big-time advertising campaign.
Did you know that the requirements for distributing Vodka in the US state that “vodka is to be as tasteless and odorless as possible." So if Vodka is tasteless and odorless, why are some vodkas $13.00 a bottle and others are $100?
When you buy a bottle of Exclusiv Vodka, you are getting the best that money can buy. Many people are surprised to learn that a liter of Exclusiv Vodka only costs around $13.00 in stores. Sure, we could raise the price and sit higher up on the shelf with other big brand name vodkas, but we know in our hearts that it wouldn’t be right.
We are passionate about creating great Vodka, and we want you to enjoy it as much as we love creating it. That is why our pricing is so honestly simple. We thank you again for your interest in Exclusiv Vodka and hope to continue to meet your highest standards of taste and enjoyment.

For more information about Exclusiv Vodka, please visit us online at www.exclusiv-vodka.com