03 Jun 2013 Monday

VODBOX Aficionado Reviews Exclusiv Vodka

By Monique Farah, VODBOX Beverly Hills

Exclusiv Vodka…A Uniquely Authentic Experience

When I first heard about Exclusiv Vodka, I have to be honest…I didn’t know what to think. My knowledge of Moldova was lacking to say the least, and although I work with over 80 different vodkas on a daily basis, I had never heard of Exclusiv. It was my good fortune that a bottle was sent to me. After reading about the complex history, and then experiencing the complex flavor profile, I was more then impressed. Although independent since 1991, Moldova was under Russian rule for almost 200 years. Already having such a rich history in vodka, the distillers definitely captured the best of traditional Russian vodka…with a little twist.
The winter wheat used in Exclusiv, is the softest of the various types of wheat commonly used. This lends to a more velvety yet clean finish. Although I find wheat vodkas to have a consistent, one note flavor, Exclusiv changed my preconception completely.
Alright, so here’s what you’re waiting for…how does it taste? I think the best way to describe it is that it has a slight sweetness on the top of your tongue with a dissipating spice that finishes in the back of your throat. The flavor fills up your whole mouth and then it rolls as it finishes. Surprisingly, I think most whiskey drinkers, would appreciate its dynamic flavor and earthy spice. It’s provocative and, as I have said before, deliciously complex. Tasting this vodka is like tasting a fine wine. How it starts and how it finishes are both surprising and sophisticated.
This vodka is definitely not for the amateur palette because it should be savored rather than just sipped. With such deep roots in Russian history, it is refreshingly authentic and rich. If you like over distilled, no bite and no flavor, this spirit is not for you. Distilled to perfection five times, there’s just enough character without the harsh aftertaste. My two perfect Exclusiv martinis: *Exclusiv-ly hott- Exclusiv up with a cinnamon rim *Exclusiv-ly dirty – Exclusiv dirty, muddled with Jalapenos About Monique Farah Monique Farah, lead VodBox Aficionado at Nic’s Beverly Hills, helps you prep for party takeoff with focused vodka selections.