03 Jun 2013 Monday

Vodka – The World’s Favorite Tipple.

Vodka is arguably the world’s favorite spirit in spite of it being colorless and not as strongly flavored as rum or other spirits. In fact it could precisely be this neutral character that becomes Vodka’s sweet spot - it takes on other flavors so delightfully. Vodka can be made from almost any starchy food – potatoes, molasses, sorghum, different grains, corn, beets… Vodka made from the best ingredients taste the best. Just as in any fine recipe, it is the quality of ingredients that makes all the difference. A dry vodka martini or vodka mixed with tonic water and lime makes for a great drink. Not only does a vodka drink taste great, vodka hangovers are much milder that those induced by other spirits. Some of the most popular vodka mixed drinks include Vodka Martini, Bloody Mary and Kamikaze. They are easy to make and require only few ingredients. You can never really say that this particular mix is the best because the taste is entirely subjective and all vodka drinkers have their own favorite mix.

Vodka is a versatile drink.

Whether you like the flavor of alcohol to be pronounced or almost indistinguishable from the flavor of the ingredients mixed into it, there is a vodka drink for everyone. The trick in making a great tasting vodka drink is to measure the amount of alcohol that you use in the mix. Vodka may be neutral in taste, nonetheless, some flavor is still imparted to the mix. Check the taste as you mix to create the perfect blend. Apart from the popular vodka drinks, people invent new vodka mixes every day. Vodka is like that attractive girl at the party. Easy to warm up to. Easy to handle. In the US, as early as 1985, vodka consumption was at 3.75 gallons per person. No wonder it is the world’s favorite tipple.