03 Jun 2013 Monday

World Famous Cigar Bar in Ft Myers Welcomes Exclusiv Vodka

Beverage Underground and the World Famous Cigar Bar in Ft Myers Florida invite area Vodka lovers to a Tasting and Testimonial for Exclusiv Vodka.

Beverage Underground will introduce Exclusiv Vodka to the both the industry and consumers in a special ‘Tasting and Testimonial’ event at the World Famous Cigar Bar on Monday December 13 at 8 PM at their Gulf Coast Town Center location. Guests will taste Exclusiv Vodka for reaction and ratings against an assortment of vodkas and the Cigar Bar will record and tape responses and reactions.

Best Vodka

Rated ’90 Points’ by the Beverage Tasting Institute, Exclusiv Vodka has also received ‘Best Buy’ status, and been awarded a gold medal in the International Review of Spirits.

Where to buy Exclusiv Vodka.